Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Goofing Off

I have been doing some serious goofing off lately. Mostly I've just been enjoying being home. The weather has been unseasonably warm and precipitation-free. The birds are enjoying the feeder. We've had dark-eyed juncos, our resident house finches and chickadees visiting the feeder. Skip saw his first grackle today.

Last night the Whitby Spinners met (as they do every Monday night) at Coffee Culture in Whitby. I plied some of the red Dyeing for Colour singles I had spun. It didn't have enough twist and just fell apart when I was trying to chain-ply it so I Andean plyed the single and then plyed it on the wheel. I'm enjoying the Woolee Winder but I switched back to the regular flyer when I did the plying.

Today I got the urge to do some sewing so I made a cosmetic bag to test a pattern I found online. I used medium weight fusable interfacing rather than any batting. I like how it turned out, I just didn't make it big enough. I want to make a couple of large zippered bags. One for my cosmetics for when I'm travelling and the other for all my electronics cords, chargers, adapters, etc., also for when I'm travelling. I really like the 'cool cats' dancing.
It wasn't too hard to cut the fabric so the edges would line up.
I trimmed the interfacing 1/8" all around before ironing it onto the main fabric pieces so it wouldn't gum up my iron.
This one is too small for what I intended for so I'll use it for makeup. I now know how to modify the pattern to make the larger size that I wanted.
I then made a couple more earbud cases. One with batting

and one with interfacing instead of batting.

I didn't get a shot of the one with the interfacing but it has the same fabric as the one above but the white fabric is inside, the green is outside and I used a black a black zipper and topstitching.

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  1. Looks like your having fun with your sewing and you are good at it too :-)