Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Spinning Update and Seeing Double

Last night at our spinning group there were 9 of us! We're definitely going to have to find another place to use for our get-togethers. We'll have to do some investigating.

Here is the fibre I bought at The Gathering on Saturday.

These 70% lambswool/30% silk batts were from Harvest Hastings. They're the same colourway, I just flipped the one over to the other side. Some of the fibres are still rather curly. I'm looking forward to sampling them.
I bought two 50g bags of 100% cashmere and a 50g bag of lime merino roving.
I also bought a 50g bag of Key Lime Corriedale and have been working on getting it spun.
Once I spin the merino, I'll ply them together for a kind of faux cormo yarn. I'm not sure what I'll do with the cashmere - perhaps blend it with some merino???

BTW, I'm loving my Woolee Winder (pictured above). The flyer on my Ashford Joy had hooks on both sides in the exact same place rather than one side off-set from the other. How useless is that? The Woolee Winder has a sliding flyer hook that slides back and forth, thus evening out how the yarn is wound onto the custom-made bobbins. The Woolee Winder comes with one bobbin and additional ones can be purchased as the regular bobbins don't work with it. There is a little cog at the end of the bobbin that meshes with a cog on the flyer which enables the flyer hook to slide back and forth. I ordered 2 extra bobbins at the time of purchase. I honestly think I've been spinning and plying faster and more consistently since using my Woolee Winder. Robert and Nathan Lee hand make Woolee Winders for every commercial make of wheel.

Oh, yeah! I almost forgot! I finished the second Practice Makes Perfect III sock last night while I was watching my download of the first episode of this season's "Mad Men". I really worked on making them identical twins. There was a bit of fudging but I believe I was successful.
I like wearing them when I'm spinning or wearing my Mary Janes.
They were a pretty fast knit as the pattern is basically a plain sock with 12 sts of a cable pattern on each side down the leg and 6 sts of cable pattern on each side of the instep on the foot. This Regia Kaffe Fassett Design Line yarn wears quite well.

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the new Regia Kristin Nicholas Garden Effects sock yarn.


  1. Oh, I really like your Wooly Winder. I've just started spinning and thought the design of the bobbin seemed so odd and likely to make the winding of the spun wool onto the bobbin all lumpy. It did when I did it - but I just thought that was an expertise thing.

    I wonder if that gadget would fit on my old (no longer commercially made) spinning wheel? Thanks for posting.

  2. Interesting looking batts Geri...love the colours.
    No pics of The Gathering?

  3. I took a couple of pics of The Gathering on my iPhone which is being repaired right now. Hopefully I'll get it back tomorrow and can post some photos.