Thursday, 24 May 2012

Better Scarf Pics

I took some better pictures of my woven scarf today. I also washed it to full it, rolled it in a towel and laid it out on the deck to dry under the canopy. It softened up quite a bit, too. My wonky edge is certainly visible but I'm sure my edges will get better with practice.
Here's a closeup of the worst part.
I like what it looked like tastefully folded up.
I'm particularly proud of the hem stitching.
Here the inconsistency in weaving really shows. I had trouble with the stickyness of the yarn and in some places had to use the shuttle to widen the shed and beat the fibres. Also, sometimes the tension loosened on the front beam - somewhat of an equipment malfunction.
However, I learned even more by doing it.

I learned a lot from "Hands On Rigid Heddle Weaving" - a book Stephanie loaned me. And "Weaving Made Easy" from the library was a great reference, too.

I think I'd like to weave another scarf using sock yarn, doubling for the warp and the weft for a faux basketweave look.

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  1. Eh, once the scarf is on, no-one will notice the 'design features'. Pretty good, I think.