Friday, 18 May 2012

Embroidery Guild

The Trillium Embroidery Guild held its May meeting last week. Although I don't do that much stitching, I do enjoy seeing what everyone is working on.

Every month people bring finished projects to display and inspire us. Norah brought several things in this month.

These finished pieces were no more than 3" wide and stitched over one thread.
Here are a couple of her embroidered pieces.
This bird is exquisitely stitched with silk threads. He looks so fluffy.
Norah once attended a class in making fabric postcards.
In this class, they were given a picture (right) and had to replicate it with fabric and stitching.

Kathy brought in a couple of pin cushions she used for a demonstration when she was teaching people this craft project in Guatemala. She was there on a working holiday, building houses and painting. She liked to paint the little flower pots but the Guatemalans preferred to keep the natural terra cotta clay colour.
Diana then spoke to us for the rest of the meeting about her passion for dolls and doll making. Her particular interest is in replicating classic historical dolls dating from the early 1800s. Some were inspired by stories, and others by museum pieces.

Here she (on the left) is entertaining specific questions about her pieces after we were invited to come up and inspect them.
She antiqued this chest in which she keeps and transports some of her dolls and their clothing and accessories.
As many of the originals are museum pieces and would be extremely expensive to obtain for one's collection, she enjoys the process of researching them and replicating them to a very fine detail for her own collection.
She has also created pieces for her doll houses. Here are three miniature rugs she created using a punch needle to replicate hooked rugs. This one was about 6" wide.

Of course I LOVED the ones with sheep.These two were about 3 1/2" wide.
Here's one with a Maritime theme. The pen was added for the photo for perspective. These exquisite little pieces are SO detailed.

She also gave us a pattern to make this angel doll, if we were so inclined.

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  1. Wow such talented ladies!! I love dolls and m=used to make muslin ones in different sizes. One is almost the same size as I am :-)
    I remember when I used to visit the little museum in Gouda Nederland, there were many old dolls dressed in period costume.