Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Faux Cormo

A few weeks ago when I was at The Gathering in Port Hope, I picked up a couple of 50g bags of lime green roving. It wasn't until I got it home, I realized they were not only not the exact same colour but they weren't even the same breed of sheep! One bag was 50g of Key Lime Corriedale and the other was Lime Green Merino.

But the colours were close enough so I figured I'd spin them up and ply them together and have 50/50 Corriedale and Merino yarn - kinda like 'faux Cormo'.

I finished spinning the Corriedale a week or so ago and this evening at our spinning group, I finished spinning the Merino.

When I got home, I plied the two singles and ended up with a nice spool of 2-ply yarn, a little thicker than fingering weight.
It worked out to be 92g and 332g. (Sorry about the crappy photo)
There was a little bit left on the Merino spool so I Andean plyed it in preparation for plying it on the wheel. I learned how to do this when I did a spinning workshop on my UK knitting tour last fall.
It's a great way to prepare a single leaving an inside end (under my watch band) and an outer end which one can then ply together using a spindle or a wheel.

It was 8g of 100% Merino and 33 yd.

Now to find the perfect lace pattern for this handspun...

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