Wednesday, 23 May 2012

I Wove A Scarf!

After today's success weaving swatches, I thought I'd try to weave a scarf this evening. I had read a couple of blogs where the person had woven a complete scarf in about 3 hours so I thought I'd give it a try. I dug out two 100g balls of  Nashua Creative Focus Worsted weight yarn and started planning.

I wanted the scarf to be about 10" wide.  I warped 50 ends. I improvised yet again by clamping a ruler vertically to the computer desk to serve as a warping 'peg' and warped the loom from about 6 ft. away. I wanted the scarf to be about 5 feet long. I didn't quite use one whole ball for the warp. I finished the first ball up on the weft and used about 40g of the second ball finishing up the weft. I had over a half ball of yarn left  when I had finished weaving.

I was working on my own so once I clipped the warp threads, I tied a big slip knot and hooked a claw hammer into it. This created tension on the warp while I was winding it onto the back beam. I had seen this video on the subject yesterday on YouTube.

Once my warp was on and the heddle threaded, I began weaving. After weaving a few inches, the beating was really fluffing up the warp yarn and in some cases thinning it out. I learned my  lesson not to ever use yarn like this again - unplied singles, sticky and fuzzy. However, I did get the thing finished in about 3.5 hours. And my weaving got more consistent as I went on.

I used the hem stitching I had learned and practiced yesterday to finish the end and then  hem stitched the other end after unrolling the scarf from the front beam.
I don't think there was enough light for my  iPhone to take a good photo.
I haven't given the scarf a bath yet to full it. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow. What a quick and easy way to make good use of some stash yarn. I see a new rigid heddle loom in my future.

Now I just need to use the proper yarn.

The finished size was 10.5" (before fulling) wide by 51" excluding the fringe. With the fringe, it is 62" long. With all of my improvising, I'm impressed I ended up with a project with the dimensions I was hoping for. 


  1. Well done Geri!! I would say you are well on your way to becoming a weaver :-)

  2. Seriously great improvisation with the hammer LOL!!!