Monday, 14 May 2012

Real Italian Souvenirs

While on our epic cruise/Italian land tour last month, we did a bit of shopping. I didn't have anything particular in mind until I saw these Italian landmark beads in Florence. They are Tedora charms and are compatible with Pandora beads.
Skip bought me the first one for my birthday.
Il Duomo
I got two more in Florence. 
Ponte Vecchio
Il Giglio - symbol of Firenze
I waited until we were in Rome to get three more.
La Bocca della Verità
The Pantheon
So here are the Florentine beads (with my cruise ship bead)
and these are the Roman Beads (with the Pandora suitcase bead).

I am delighted with my souvenirs of my lovely time in Italy. :-)


  1. I LOVE your charms! I just came back from our honeymoon in Italy (Venice,Florence & Rome). I'm very excited to find an Italian website that sells the Tedora charms! I can't wait to also add them to my Pandora bracelet. Thank you for posting the pictures :)Wear yours in good health :)

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