Sunday, 3 June 2012

And the Winners Are... (drumroll please)....

Two first places.
Two second places. In the senior (55+) classes, ribbons are awarded.
And another second - as it should be
 because Mo's shawl won first place AND was awarded a "Best in Show" rosette!! Woo hoo! Yay, Mo!!!
And what of the Sheep Heid, you ask? In the Adult hat class, this one came first,

This one came second,
and this one came third.
The Sheep Heid tam was in amongst the losers. (What do you think of that Anne F.?)
So there you have it. $23 in prize money.

While I was waiting in line to pick up my prize winnings, I met Lisa, whose beautiful thrummed mittens came second to my Chrysanthemum mitts.

She said her husband went out of town this weekend so he wouldn't have to deal with the kvetching about the judging. We're both already planning our strategy to win that coveted "Best In Show" rosette next year.


  1. Congrats Geri!
    I think the judge for the hats must be some fuddy duddy knitter who only knits simple stuff with acrylic lol!!

  2. Woo hoo! What you gonna do with your grandiose prize money?