Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I finished knitting (except for a little rolled collar) the Baby Surprise Jacket late last night. I seemed to have gotten a 'second wind' which may have been due to the (alleged) 'decaf' coffee I had at about 7pm, that accompanied a delicious cannolo (singular of cannoli). Will I never learn?
As suggested by Elizabeth Zimmermann, I put buttonholes on both sides (even though I knew it was a boy). It helps determine button placement.

I will sew up the holes when I sew the buttons on. I have to seam the shoulders before I knit the collar. For the rolled collar, inspired by this pattern, I will pick up and knit stitches around the neck on the right side, knit a row on the wrong side and bind off knitwise on the right side. Easy peasy.

Now I just need to get the quilt finished.

For our first official day of summer we might break previous temperature records with a 35C (95F). It is day 2 of a three-day heat wave. Tomorrow will be as hot and there will then be thunderstorms. At 3 days of 30+C temperatures, it's officially a heat wave and possibly the earliest on record.

I am very grateful for air-conditioning.

Happy Summer Solstice!

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