Thursday, 14 June 2012

Checking In

Suzanne and I were scheduled to go on an amazing 12-day Baltic cruise with her parents for a milestone  birthday this summer but due to a medical issue that has arisen with Skip (my husband), I'm now not able to participate (sniff!!!).  I've been pretty bummed out about this but have accepted that when I got married I did the whole 'in sickness and in health' vow so I need to 'stand by my man'.

Today I dropped by Continuing Ed. to return 'The Binder'. It is chock full of printouts of information about the ports gleaned from travel and cruise review websites. Suzanne will pass 'The Binder' on to someone on her 'short list' who will be able to participate in my stead.

While at Con. Ed. I dropped into Erin's class (unannounced) where I had taught knitting two weeks ago. And what did I see when I walked in the door? Knitting!!!!

It was just sitting there on a desk waiting for its owner to pick it up again during a lull in the activity. She proudly informed me she was going to knit pink squares and blue squares and sew them together for blanket.

I looked in another direction and I saw this gal knitting a blanket! She was finding the plastic needles to be quite 'sticky' with yarn she was using so I suggested she try a bamboo needle or perhaps a bamboo circular.
And Tayiba was sitting in front of her laptop knitting!!!
 I'm SO proud.
Erin, the teacher, proudly showed me the scarf she is knitting. In a basketweave stitch! From a pattern! Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of that. :-(

And this young lady had knit herself a headband! Without a pattern. Just making it up on her own, including the daffodil! She sure was proud of herself. As well she should be.
I overheard the blonde (below) ask, "How did you do the flower?". To which she replied, "Trial and error.". She then turned to me and said, "I had to knit each petal individually and then joined them".  
Holy crap! She's designing things!! And it really does look like a daffodil!!

Several of them told me how relaxing they thought knitting was and how much they enjoyed it. Some of the students are opting to submit their knitted project for evaluation (as per the rubric Erin and I devised) as part of the assessment for the Fashion Design course.

I can't tell you how rewarding it was so see so many happy knitters. My knitterly heart is full.

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  1. Geri so sorry you have to cancel such a fabulous trip!!
    I do hope all goes well with Skip.