Tuesday, 26 June 2012


The other day, Skip asked me to knit some covers for his golf clubs. I had knit 3 covers for his woods a few years back. But two of them were worn out. In the meantime, he has traded his irons in for fairway woods so he needs 8 covers!!!

I got these done over the past couple of days. I found the pattern for the middle one here.
The red 'x' is duplicate stitch but the 'P' on the pitching wedge cover was done with intarsia. I left the third one blank and will stitch a number onto it.

I did another argyle one tonight - this time with an orange 'x'.
Only four more to go!

I got the buttons sewn onto the Baby Surprise Jacket,

using a different colour of yarn for each button.
Now I need to finish the baby quilt.

I did a bit more organizing today. I corralled all my sock yarn into one drawer
and half of another. Some of the 50g skeins are orphans. Not counting the orphans, I figure I have enough sock yarn to knit 50 pairs of socks.

Tomorrow afternoon, I'm going over to Windreach Farm to help Eleanor warp the loom that was donated. I don't know very much about weaving, but the little I do know, I don't mind sharing. Hopefully we'll be able to warp the loom so visitors to the farm will be able to see the entire process of processing wool - from shearing the sheep, combing and carding the wool, spinning it and then weaving the spun yarn into fabric on the loom.

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  1. Beautiful Baby Surprise Jacket!! And I am very envious of your sock yarn stash - lovely colors both.