Friday, 1 June 2012

Mission Accomplished

Today was my second and last day teaching knitting to the young adults in the Fashion Design class at Continuing Education. At the beginning of class, several of the students proudly showed me what they had accomplished since last seeing me on Wednesday.

Cameron finished his cozy at home, sewed it up and raided his mother's button jar for the buttons.
But the coolest thing is that he's not even in the class! He showed up on Wednesday to visit, saw that we were knitting, grabbed some needles and yarn and with a minimum of instruction started casting on and knitting. I love the functional and stylistic use of the 3 buttons.

This young lady actually knitted two of them. Here, she's showing me one of them with the side seams all sewn up and the button added. I was really bummed out the picture I took of her with the two cozies was too blurry. :-(
Victoria was REALLY enthusiastic about learning how to knit. And she did a beautiful job! She thought her Nana would be very proud of her.
Tayiba initially struggled with her tension but got a lot accomplished during Wednesday's class. When she took the project home, her mother was thrilled to see her knitting and helped her get it all finished for today's class.
Here are 5 of the finished projects all lined up waiting for Erin (their Fashion Design teacher) to evaluate them.
Erin was very proud to get her own iPod cozy finished in class today.
This gal missed Wednesday's class (life got in the way) and knit like a fiend all through today's class. She followed me to the office when I was handing in my visitors pass and I helped her finish the very last rows, creating the buttonhole and casting off. She was pretty proud of herself. As was I.
I was sad to say goodbye to the students. I think most of us really enjoyed ourselves. Some of them were quite surprised at how relaxing knitting is and how quickly they were able to knit this project! And I had a blast!

Erin gave me this amazing custom-made rubber stamp she ordered for me on It couldn't be a more perfect gift for me!! 
I was so lucky I got to be involved with students again while teaching them a craft that I SO love. I hope some of them will pick knitting up every once and a while and maybe even become fairly regular knitters!


  1. Great job by everyone - students and you the teacher!

  2. That sounds very rewarding!