Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Starting to Feel Like Work

Today I spent an inordinate amount of time in front of the computer. I needed to be doing other things but I just couldn't get away.

I spent hours editing photos for a website that I created and maintain and adding captions based on text I received when the photos were emailed to me. The formatting is often a bit of a problem, too. Then I decided to figure out how to remove my name that appears as a watermark on every photo. That took a while. I then had to delete the photos I had added today and upload the non-watermarked ones and fiddle with the formatting again.

Then I received an email from our friends who today became grandparents for the first time. I had to send a congratulatory reply and update them on some plans we changed this week.

I then took a look at my MasterCard bill and realized I was charged twice for a motel room during my visit to the US last week. Of course the 'finance manager' wasn't in when I called. When I called later, he was too busy to talk to me. (That reminds me I have to call him back).

I then contacted my telephone/TV/Internet service provider to try and get my bill reduced a bit by reducing the amount of Internet bandwidth I pay for. The customer service rep encouraged me not to do this as I currently have 25GB for $5 per month plus an additional 40GB for $5 per month (65GB for $10/m) and their new plan is only 50GB for the same $10 that I get 65GB for. WTF?? I asked the nice live chat rep to please convey to the 'powers that be' that this reduction in services is unacceptable. We pay among the highest Internet and mobile phone rates IN THE WORLD. In France, there is no limit to usage of bandwidth. I made sure the rep knew I wasn't mad at him - just his greedy bosses. 

Then I found out I have to apply for trip cancellation insurance for the air ticket that couldn't be transferred to the person now going on the Baltic cruise in my place. I found this out at 5:02pm and the trip cancellation office closes at 5pm. I'll have to deal with this tomorrow.

A bathroom renovation person called to set up a visit to my ensuite to measure and give me an estimate. I had to run down to the calendar on the fridge and write that appointment down.

Then I read an annoying column in today's paper and wanted to put it on Facebook to publicize it. It was yet another ploy to remove perks to seniors by no longer offering no-fee bank accounts to customers 60 and over.

I'm rather sick and tired of things being taken away from me. (Thanks for letting me rant).

Somehow I had time to go to a Hungarian pavilion for lunch (Budapest - goulash and a cabbage roll) and a Polish pavilion (Poznan - kielbasa, pierogies and cabbage roll - urp).

Aside from the yummy meals, today felt like work! Sheesh!

I need to get back to my knitting. Our friend's grandchild arrived 6 weeks early and I need to get cracking! I guess the Baby 'Surprise' Jacket I'm working on is à propos!
I must admit, I did knit a few rows while I was watching these awesome YouTube videos on the basics of weaving - warping a loom and starting a weaving a project. (This was a pre-removed-watermark photo). I guess it wasn't ALL work...

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