Friday, 15 June 2012

Surprisingly Square

 I finished the quilt top this evening. I'm really surprised it turned out as square as it did.And so far, I haven't noticed any major mistakes.
I bought the low loft batting today and will get started making the quilt 'sandwich' and pinning the beejeepers out of it before I machine quilt. I haven't decided what machine quilting I'll do. I could do wavy lines, stitch in the ditch or just big 'x's from corner to corner through each square.

This pattern is very forgiving. If you don't exactly match a couple of seams, it's not really noticeable. Perfect for a fairly new quilter like myself.
I'm pretty happy with how it has turned out thus far. I must admit it was a little boring sewing all the blocks together but before long I had the horizontal strips done and with only 7 long seams joining the strips, the top was finished!  I'm seriously considering doing a larger one for myself. I'll keep an eye out for appropriate fabric.

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