Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Bathroom Reno - Done! (mostly)

Al and Chris finished up the job today. There is still a wall cabinet to install when it comes in and the glass for the shower to install when it is ready in a couple of weeks. I repaired a wonky shelf in the closet and Skip and I are loading it back up with all our stuff.

Before - - - it was a 1983 ensuite bath with brown, faux-tile, patterned sheet flooring. The 4' countertop was swirly brown arborite and the chipped and rusting enamel sink and enormous 5' x 42" Jacuzzi tub were bright blue. There was no shower! The only thing that wasn't replaced was the toilet. We replaced the original, blue toilet (and the other two toilets in the house) about 15 years ago, shortly after we moved in, when our regional municipality had a water conservation program to replace the old big-tanked toilets with more water efficient 6 litre toilets. Basically, the homeowner paid for the toilet and the region paid the plumbing costs.

After - - - the Jacuzzi was removed and a 4' tiled shower enclosure was installed with a half-wall between it and the new 5' granite-topped vanity with new, white porcelain, undercounter-mounted sink. The floor of the bathroom and adjoining walk-in closet were tiled with porcelain tile matching that in the shower enclosure. A new light fixture, towel rods, toilet paper holder and motion- and moisture-sensing fan were also installed. A mirror matching the vanity with crown molding on the top was also installed. A wall cabinet to match the vanity will be installed above the toilet for yet more storage.

I have painted the walls to match the shower tile so for a monochromatic look. The contrasts are in the espresso vanity and multi-toned granite countertop. I will be purchasing rich-coloured, dark brown towels. For a further contrast, I will be a painting the trim a bright white.

My vision was a spa-like ensuite bath.  Here are some before and after photos. Remember, the shower glass and door isn't installed yet. How did I do?

This evening, we discovered a new, interesting, electrical problem. When we turn the light off in the bathroom, it also kills the power to the outlet in our bedroom where the TV is plugged in.

So I guess I'll be seeing Al and Chris again soon to fix that.

Aside from that, I'm very pleased with the result.


  1. Great Job...opening up that wall where the shower was made a huge difference....it will look lovely when the glass is installed.