Monday, 16 July 2012


Today is the first day of our ensuite bathroom renovation. We have lived with this hideous glorified powder room for the past 16 years and we finally got our butts in gear and hired a contractor for the job. Here are a couple of 'before' pictures.

The blue Jacuzzi tub is 29 years old and is an eyesore.
 Our hot water heater wasn't even big enough to fill it with enough hot water to cover the jets. Strangely, there was no shower installed when the whirpool tub was put in so we've operated all these years with only 1 shower in the main bathroom (which will be renovated next). The blue toilet was replaced shortly after we moved in with a white 6L toilet so it will just be put back into place after the renovation. The blue enamel sink in the bathroom has cracked and rusted and the faucet has been leaking for a while.
It will be nice to have a fresh new bathroom again.

This what has been accomplished thus far.
To entertain myself while all hell breaks loose, I swatched and cast on a new cardigan project. It's the Cabled Cardigan from Fall 2010 Vogue Knitting.

Mo gave me a garbage bag full of Evergreen Aran yarn after her destashing - probably about 80 50g balls altogether. The label says 95% wool and 5% 'other fibres'. However on Ravelry it says it contains cashmere, wool and cotton.  There were about 36  50g balls of the pink yarn - more than enough to knit a sweater. I prefer a raglan sleeve and found the Cabled Cardigan on Ravely. Fortunately, I already owned the magazine so I was able to commence swatching right away. I had to do a little math to figure out what size I should knit. Instinct tells me to knit the XL size but my gauge was looser so I went down a size. I think it's really sized to be used as a jacket and I will really just use it as a sweater over a long sleeved tee shirt in the winter. There should be about 3" of positive ease completely unstretched. I also want to modify the neckline and make a v-neck like the Must Have Cardigan I knit a couple of years ago.

I will also make it shorter than the pattern calls for so the bottom is at the hip rather than below. I'm also not doing pockets.


  1. Can't wait to see the progress.

  2. I'm always so amazed by people who renovate. Both the hubby and I have no gumption whatsoever for such things, even with a contractor involved. I look forward to seeing what the finished bathroom looks like!

  3. Adriene, it took us 16 years to finally get moving on this renovation. I'm so afraid of making a mistake, I did nothing. I did a lot of the planning last year and got a couple of quotes but again, didn't hire anyone. Finally, this year my husband urged me to get this started and I'm glad I did. Once this one is done, we're going to get the main bathroom done. It has a lovely celedon tub and chipped, rusting, celedon sink.