Thursday, 12 July 2012

Matryoshka Revealed

I had lunch today with a couple of former colleagues, Dika and Suzanne. Suzanne had invited me to celebrate her 50th birthday on a Baltic cruise this summer and I was all set to go when Skip had a medical issue come up which necessitated that I cancel the cruise. Another one of Suzanne's lucky friends is going in my place.

When I found the Matryoshka fabric at JoAnn's last month I thought it was perfect for someone going on a cruise of the Baltic.
The ship will be in port in St. Petersburg, Russia for two days. And everyone needs a zippered bag or two for travel items. So I made a toiletries bag with a vinyl (ironed onto fabric) lining and a second smaller bag for cosmetics, jewellery, electronic cords or other sundries.
I made teeny weeny bias tape stitched down the centre to use for the zipper pulls.
I successfully calculated the correct distance above the heads for the seam allowance for the zipper.
I learned a lot with ironing on the vinyl to the turquoise lining fabric. It wrinkled a bit when I was turning it wrong side out. But it will still be effective.
They're SO cute (if I do say so myself). I have enough fabric to make a couple for myself.


  1. Thank you!! What a wonderful gift! (Must be nice to be so talented!!) I will enjoy using them on the upcoming cruise!

  2. Thanks!! What a great gift! And you did such a great job on them -- must be nice to be so talented!!