Friday, 6 July 2012


My knitterly friend, Paula, kindly loaned me her 8-shaft table loom. I ordered a lovely shuttle, bobbins and reed hook from Paradise Fibers on the recommendation of my spinnerly friend, Karen, as their postage was really inexpensive. They arrived on Wednesday.

Today I finally had time to warp the loom. I decided to use some worsted weight cotton from my stash but I didn't have enough blue or white for the whole warp so I devised a pattern using both colours.
I made a raddle from a piece of painted wood that had been replaced from our deck and nailed in finishing nails every inch. It worked great.
For a bobbin winder, I used my cordless screwdriver with enough paper wrapped around the bit to fit the bobbin. The yarn shown was from a different project that I thought I'd try and decided against.
For the weft, I used worsted weight Bernat Cottontots yarn in a white, blue, green and yellow colourway.

First, I used some thin crochet cotton for what will be the hem. Then I started  a plain weave beating quite firmly for a weft-faced effect. I really liked how it was turning out with the striped warp and complimentary colours in the weft.
After 8 inches (20 cm), I inserted the thin cotton spacer and did plain weave again, this time beating much more lightly for a balanced weave.
And a little closer.
After another spacer, I did a twill pattern with 15 picks in one direction and then 15 in the other, again beating quite firmly.
I still have enough warp to do one more dishcloth but I packed it in for tonight.

Tomorrow, I'm heading up to Newmarket with the rumour of a sale on Bernina sewing machines at The Quilt Store (which has The Yarn Store in the back - not that I need any yarn). A stop at Serenity Knits and Unwind Yarn House will no doubt be on the agenda.

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