Saturday, 11 August 2012

Being a Copycat?

Mo was over the other night for an evening of sitting and knitting. She was sporting a lovely shawlette that she had knit from some beautiful Handmaiden yarn. Upon inquiry, she referred me to the link on Ravelry - a series of shawls in the Be Mine Collection by Rose Beck. This one is the `And So Are You` shawl.
I have been knitting from my stash lately so I went hunting for some appropriate yarn for the project - something drapey with a sheen. I remembered I had a skein of sea cell that I had hand painted with Sky Blue, Violet and Spruce a couple of years ago.
I like the little `flowers` that are staggered regularly throughout the stocking stitch portion.

It`s been fairly easy to internalize.
One could call me a copycat, but I prefer to think that Mo 'inspired' me. We enable each other. :-)

My Olympic knitting will not be completed by the end of the Closing Ceremonies tomorrow. However, I am pleased with how far I have progressed.

I got the fronts done. I had to rip out and re-kint the decreasing portion of the right front several times before getting it close to matching the left front. I should have just counted the number of rows before decreasing for the armhole the very first time. D'uh!
I then started the back, mirroring the cables as I had done on the front. The pattern calls for a 20-stitch honeycomb feature in the centre which includs one purl stitch on each side leaving 18 sts of honeycomb. However, the honeycomb pattern is in multiples of 4 so I knit 2 purl sts on each side and honeycombed over 16 st for a nice balance.  
I'm about halfway to the decreases for the underarm and raglan sleeves.


  1. Love the sweater, be sure to post the completed version. I am in QC and using an antique spinning wheel for my fun and i was wondering is there any Canadian builders of versital spinning wheels? I really want to get a new whell that can do a bit of everything but do not live where I can test drive one.

  2. Are you familiar with the Lendrum spinning wheel?

    I know a couple of people who own one and they love it! It's not the easiest wheel to transport but it will spin anything you like.