Monday, 6 August 2012

Knitting Homage to London 2012

I haven't participated in any Olympic knitting in the truest sense this year. Mo gave me a bunch of this yarn during her de-stashing so I wanted to use it for a lovely, cabled Aran sweater.

So I dug out the Fall 2010 issue of Vogue Knitting - their salute to London - and am doing the cover sweater.

I'm omitting the collar and pockets and making the ribbing on the bottom and cuffs a bit shorter. I'm also doing a v-neck and will do a continuous button/buttonhole band all the way around the fronts and neck as I did with my Must Have Cardigan.  I picked this pattern it for the raglan sleeves 
and interesting cable pattern that has been relatively easy to internalize.
I'm mirroring the cables on the fronts and will do so on the back as well. I have just started the decreases for the sleeves on the right front.
Unlike most pattern recommendations, I like to knit the fronts first. My thinking is that when I start with knitting a front, if I make a mistake while learning the pattern or trying to tweak the gauge, it's a lot less knitting to rip out and re-start than if I did this with the back.

I doubt I will complete it during the span of the Olympics but I have been knitting on it whenever I've been sitting and watching the events. It will also serve as my 2012 sweater.

All the shots of London and the countryside make me yearn to return to the UK. I wish we had enough disposable income that we could send Scooter there for a holiday. He is such a history buff, he'd really enjoy being there. Instead, we're sending him off to university. Hopefully Skip and I can find a nifty tour of England and Scotland for ourselves sometime in the not-to-distant future.

In the meantime I need to finish painting the trim and doors in my lovely new bathroom. I just don't have the inclination to paint today. Mañana.


  1. I adore the cabled sweaters. ALL the cabled sweaters. This is lovely. And the tweed is so appropriate!

  2. Wish I could whip up a lovely sweater like you can Geri :-)
    I plan on travelling back to Scotland one day in the near future....maybe with my son who was also there with me in 2001.