Tuesday, 28 August 2012

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Some friends and former colleagues often ask me what I do now that I'm retired (and starting my 6th blissful year of retirement). They know Skip and I like to travel and they also know I like to do some crafty things. The next two months are shaping up to be quite busy. Here is a summary of some of my upcoming activities:
  • making chainmaille jewelry
  • making a blood donation (I'm O+)
  • spinning on Monday nights
  • sewing some dinner napkins
  • finishing knitting a shawlette and a cardigan
  • painting our bedroom
  • taking a full-day course on crown moulding and baseboard installation
  • taking a full-day course on hardwood flooring installation
  • picking up workboots and safety glasses that I'm borrowing for the DIY courses
  • going out-of-town to visit family for 3 days
  • attending the Knitter's Fair in Kitchener, ON
  • my first visit to Scooter at university
  • providing TLC to Skip during an upcoming series of medical procedures. 
  • attending the Finger Lakes Fiber Arts Festival  
  • attending the Spin-In in Campbellford, ON 
  • hosting out-of-town guests for Thanksgiving
  • attending the Woodstock Fleece Festival
  • attending the New York Sheep and Wool Festival at Rhinebeck, NY
That pretty much takes me up to the end of October. It's all stuff I really enjoy and so far, I haven't double-booked anything. (I spoke too soon! I did double-book at least one event - D'oh!)

Last week at spinning, I mused that I've been on a yarn and fibre diet as I haven't bought (much) yarn or fibre since the Knitter's Frolic last May.This amused Jennifer as she quickly reminded me that I will be attending at least 5 fibre-y events in the near future which will most certainly break my fibre diet. Considering my current unmanageable stash, I only anticipate 'to die for' acquisitions but one never knows...

If one has a passion to pursue, they will never need to worry about what they'll do in retirement.

In the meantime, I joyfully look forward to all the cool stuff I'll be doing over the next few weeks.


  1. Don't forget to take a tea break LOL!!

  2. my mom also has a list of things she's going to start doing while she's retired. I think she's been retired now for about three years now.