Friday, 17 August 2012

The Inaugural Shower

The glass was installed in the shower in our renovated ensuite bath yesterday. I had to wait 24 hours for the silicone caulking to cure before I had the first shower. So promptly at 9:30am today, I hopped in and splashed about. There's lots of room as the enclosure measures 42" x 48".
Having a half-wall with glass to the bulkhead really opened the room up and it lets a lot more light in.
Scooter took the next shower after his run. I gave him strict instructions to use the squeegee on the glass and tile afterwards. He did a good job!

Skip will get to try it out tomorrow morning. The tile on the shower floor (altho' you can't tell from the photo) is 2" x 2" textured tile. It's non-slip.
There is enough of a ledge inside the shower on the half-wall for the soapdish, shampoo and squeegee but I'm hoping to find something to have inside the shower below the line of sight for these items.

I'm looking forward to my shower tomorrow morning again.

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  1. So beautiful! I must show my daughter because this is just what she wants to do with her shower.