Sunday, 30 September 2012

Cabled Cardigan

Back in July, I started this cardigan with some Evergreen Aran tweedy yarn that Mo gave me. I modified the Vogue pattern quite a lot. I made the ribbing on the bottom and cuffs about half the required length, I started each row with 1 stockinette stitch to make it easier to sew up later. I omitted the ribbed collar and made a v-neck instead. I did this by decreasing at the neckline at the same time I started decreasing at the underarm for the raglan sleeve. I made the sleeves shorter as I don't like sleeves below my wrists. I also mirrored the cables.
I like to wet-block all the pieces before I sew them up.
Once I sewed it all together, I knit on the button band picking up the stitches in a 3:4 ratio. I picked up 3 stitches and skipped the 4th using the same needle (5mm) that I had used for the rest fo the sweater. This way, the button band lies nice and flat.

After I finished that, I reinforced the stitches along the back of the neck by crocheting inside the line between the back and the neck ribbing a la Yarn Harlot.
I couldn't wait until I bought the buttons to take some photos. I mistakenly made 9 buttonholes instead of the 8 I needed so I just sewed up the hole to look like the reverse stocking stitch it should have been.
I had to do a bit of adjusting the length of the fronts to match the sleeve lengths but things worked out pretty well. 
I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Thus endeth the creation of my 2012 sweater just in time for crisper temperatures aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Rhinebeck! :-)

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  1. What a gorgeous sweater Geri. I wish I could knit sweaters because now my hot flashes have gone(Bio-Identicals) I can actually wear one. You should be teaching classes.
    Rhinebeck....oh maybe next year...I know I say that every year :-(