Monday, 10 September 2012

Knitter's Fair 2012

Last week, I went to my old home town to visit my sister, her daughters and their families. I also went to the U.S. to see what fabrics I could pick up at Mary Maxim and JoAnn's that would augment my stash.

I found the espresso fabric that would match my new bathroom and the contrasting pink lining fabric for a cosmetic bag.
This fabric is good to line projects.
I liked these fat quarters and black/white fabrics, too.
These charm packs (5" x 5" precut squares) were on sale.

And in the discount area, this needle case was 40% off - supposedly Vera Bradley-esque. It is also the prototype for some needle cases I will be sewing.
These #3 Perle Cotton skeins were in the 'overstock' bin and also deeply discounted.

Back in Canada, I visited FabricLand to see if there were any good sales. This fabric looks like cut out pattern pieces
and this fabric shows various types of embroidery knots.
Brocade was on sale so I snagged some to perhaps make some knitting needle cases or jewelry bags.
Saturday morning, I dropped into the Knitter's Fair sponsored by the Kitchener/Waterloo Knitters' Guild on my way back home.

While there, I saw several knitterly acquaintances - Anne Featonby, Laurie Goldiuk (both of whom were on the UK knitting tour with me last fall), Jennifer Barnim and Stephanie Grace (local knitterly friends). Spinnerly friend, Jody vanD was at the Hubbert Farms booth selling her lovely alpaca handspun and some knitted items.

The catered food was excellent! It was a year ago now that Marion and I were on the UK knitting tour.

Anyway, I picked up this bag of SW merino mill end roving (160g) from The Black Lamb.
These two braids of BFL called to me.

My penchant for purple lead me to this CEY Silky Alpaca Lace.
This silk lace yarn would make a very nice woven scarf.
And in the discount bin (I'm all about the discounts), there was this hand-dyed silk/linen blend. 'Twould make an excellent warp for some weaving project or other.

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