Saturday, 27 October 2012

Evening Sparkle

Back in September, I visited the Belfast Mini-Mills in Prince Edward Island and purchased some silk/alpaca/merino/qiviut roving in blues and purples with some 'bling' in it called "Evening Sparkle".
Since I returned home, I've been working on it at Monday night spinning. A couple of nights ago I finished spinning the singles and started plying (2 ply) and finished plying later that evening. I wound it into a skein with my niddy noddy, gave it a nice bath, rolled it in a towel,  'whacked' it a few times and hung the skein to dry.

Ta da! 480 yards of 'sparkle'.
This time for sure, I'm going to knit something with my handspun.
This afternoon, while watching downloads of the new season of 'Homeland', I finished the second twined knitting wristwarmer - my first completed tvåändsstickning project. The light was really crappy for the photos but you get the general idea.

With stretchy, 'magic' gloves.
They are warm and snuggly on the hands.

I'm not that keen on the bindoff with the white yarn around the top. Next pair, I'll do a complete Latvian braid and a loose bindoff with the contrasting colour.

I could have mirrored the chevron on the cuff - oops!
Here's one in natural light.


  1. Those white gloves look great Geri. I will try some...maybe I'll spin the correct yarn for them. Funny I always thought spinning 'S' was... wheel turns to the right.
    What is the % of Qiviut in your beautiful blue blend yarn?

  2. Spinning clockwise (to the right) twists yarn //// (Z) and plying counterclockwise twists it \\\\(S). For some reason, that seems to be the standard in most commercial yarns. The % of qiviut wasn't stated - probably no more than 5%. They also didn't state the % of 'bling' (starfire?).

    I'm on the hunt for some more tvaandsstickning patterns and have found one (Traditional Mittens on p. 76) in Laura Farson's "Twined Knitting" from my library

  3. these look so lovely calm and toasty