Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Cat's Pajamas

When I was in NY state a couple of weekends ago, we did some shopping at JoAnn's Fabrics. I found some very cute fabrics for various projects. Last night, while the wind roared (edges of Hurricane Sandy), I decided to make a pair of flannel pajama pants for myself  using one of the fabrics. It makes me happy just looking at it!

Skip got a couple of shots of me in my dining room sewing room for a project he's doing for an iPhoto class. I ♥ my new sewing machine.
I found this nifty tabletop ironing board on sale at Home Outfitters. It even has a slide-out iron holder!
As much as it's a bit of extra work, I decided to make them with pockets. The exact match of the pattern across the pants was a complete coincidence.
I can wear them with various tops - light pink, dark pink, black, lavender, turquoise (if I find the right shade). They'll be great for bumming around this house this winter.


  1. Oh, I want a pair of PJs like that! So what's your new machine? I have a very old Bernina - like 40 years old. I think of getting a new one sometimes.

  2. It's a Bernina 220. My previous machine was one I purchased second-hand in 1973 (!). I was due for a new one and I'm loving all the 21st Century things it can do (self-threading, many programmed stitches, etc.).