Friday, 16 November 2012


I was just reading a stitching blog and came across this post on acronyms. There were a few I knew and a few that could easily be applied to knitting. Some of my faves:

BAP = Big Ass Project: a huge undertaking requiring lots of yarn or intricate stitches.

UFO = UnFinished Object: a work still in progress, possibly languishing in a project bag or closet somewhere.

PFH = Project From Hell aka BAP or UFO.

PITA = Pain In The Ass/Arse

SABLE = Stash Enhancement Beyond Life Expectancy

S.E.X. = Stash Enhancement eXpedition: Road trip!!! Yarn crawl!!!

WISP = Work In Slow Progress: a WIP (see below) that is taking forever to complete.

WIP = Work in Progress

I have also been working on several projects.

I finished knitting another Shaun the Sheep bag, monogrammed with the intended recipient's initials. I will be lining it with funky fabric and adding a zipper.

I continue to putter away on Robbie's scarf. I'm on the last ball of yarn and with a good effort could have it ready to give him with the ribbed hat in a couple of days.

While visiting one of my favourite yarn shops, Myrtle Station Wool, I saw the new Regia Merino Angora yarn in all its squishy wonderfulness. It is 65% superwash merino wool, 25% nylon and 10% angora.

There are patterns to support this new yarn in a nifty new, little book.

My next cast-on will be these socks using the above yarn. 
And finally, I finished sewing the Provence Baby Cardigan last night, picked up and knit the button bands. I just need to do the collar and get the buttons bought and sewn on.

I'm using Scheepjes Softfun yarn, a 60/40 cotton/acrylic blend which can be machine washed.

I decided to design a matching hat using the lace detail. I cast on 77 sts and knit 1" of moss stitch as per cuffs and borders on the sweater. I then knit the 10 stitch pattern in the round separating each by one stitch. I'll do some simple decreasing for the crown and then will have this set ready.

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  1. Love, love the Regia yarns and patterns. I have always wanted to try the Regia Silk but can never find it anywhere...however the Angora blend looks scrumptious :-)