Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Bernoulli Shawl, Trellis and Coins

This evening I realized I hadn't posted the finished photo of the shawl I knit with my "Evening Sparkle" handspun.

The roving was a medium turquoise mixed with purple.  This is how it turned out when spun and plied.
The Bernoulli Shawl pattern intrigued me because it had an interesting shape which would go around the shoulders nicely.
After I had blocked it with a zillion pins, I realized it would look a lot better if I blocked it with points, taking advantage of the border design.
It was really hard to photograph as it was a really gloomy day outside the day the edges of Hurricane Sandy blew by.
The 'bling' is really quite lovely although hard to tell from these photos.
This is my first completed piece using my own handspun!
With the qiviut content (and the silk, alpaca and merino), it's lovely and soft! I think I have enough leftover yarn to knit a little smoke ring.

I also did a test-knit for my BFF, Mo. It is her Trellis and Coin sock design which will be updated and available on Ravelry in early December.  I found some nice, squishy KnitPicks Stroll Tonal sock yarn in the Deep Waters Tonal colourway.
The required test-knitting is done. Now I just have to do the second one so I can wear them. ;-)

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