Monday, 24 December 2012

Almost Ready

(written late on the night of December 23rd)

I got a lot of wrapping done yesterday and only have a couple more things to wrap. I got the last gifts delivered today.

Skip got a picture of the cookies I baked last week to replace the ones he and Scooter scarfed down last weekend.  I wanted more to munch on and give to people).
I loved decorating the trees, but next time I'll try to remember to put some peppermint flavouring in the icing. I also found some of the vintage cookie cutters from my childhood (crescent and holly) this evening and will keep them with the ones I currently use.

I finished knitting a Honey Cowl that I was commissioned to knit for my neighbour's girlfriend. It is blocked and ready to go. I just need to take some pictures in the daylight.

I have a bit of grocery shopping left to do for our Christmas feast. Skip picked up the capon (we alternate between turkey and capons for Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter as Skip doesn't like leftover turkey) from the butcher this afternoon. It's just a little one - perfect for the three of us.

I still have some running around to do that I didn't get done today but I'm almost ready for Christmas.

We're going to our friends' place for a Swedish Christmas Eve. It's always a lovely gathering of their family and some close friends. We're honoured to be included each year.

God Jul! Merry Christmas!

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