Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Grape Vine

When I attended the NY Sheep and Wool Festival (aka Rhinebeck) three years ago, it was my second time attending but my first time as a spinner. I bought a lovely braid of BFL fibre at Gale's Art in the Grape Vine colourway. Something like this (I didn't get a photo of my actual braid):
I've been spinning it on Monday nights over the past month. Without realizing it, I did fractal spinning. I decided I would chain ply it (Navajo ply) to keep the colours discrete and minimize barberpole-ing. I and finished spinning and plying it last night.

Behold, 114g and 304 yards of light fingering weight yarn.
And only a teeny-weeny bit of barberpole-ing. I may do another Holden Shawlette with this or the Honey Cowl for myself.
A couple of weeks ago my BFF, Mo, went to the Purple Purl for their monthly Knitty Yarn Round Table. I had planned to go earlier in the month but Amy had to reschedule it and I had something else on that night.

While there, Mo spotted some Turtlepurl Striped Turtle Toes sock yarn dyed to be Burberry-ish.

Now, I've never been fond of the Burberry plaid. I always thought it was ugly and that it was ostentatious for a company to have a plaid as its logo. I have the same derision for the Canadian yoga-wear company that has a stylized omega as its logo and doesn't post the company's name outside its stores. I don't have a problem with other people enjoying the plaid or the yoga-wear, they're just not for me - mostly because I believe there are comparable good quality products that cost far less.

All that being said, I did weave a Fauxberry scarf a while back which received lots of praise and I plan to weave at least one more for a Christmas gift. Just for fun I ordered the sock yarn last week and it arrived today.
It has been carefully died to simulate the plaid pattern
and on the band, is a little photo of what it will look like knit up.
On the enclosed invoice was a hand-written thank you for my order

and a little turtle stitch marker was attached.

I love good customer service.

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