Sunday, 13 January 2013

Master (Mistress) of My Domain

I took the plunge yesterday and registered this blog as a domain so the URL is now: . If you're a regular reader, make sure you update with the change. Anyone using the old 'blogspot' URL will be automatically directed to the new one. Unfortunately, in the process, I lost all the 'Stuff I Like to Read' (knitting blogs I read), 'Stitching Stuff' (stitching blogs I read) and 'Podcasts I Enjoy' from the right side of the blog. I don't know if they'll show up or if I have to start from scratch. My 'Followers' disappeared for about a day but have shown up again. I'll give it a couple of days and see what happens.

I finished the first lace panel sock and am loving the soft, squishy-ness of the Regia Angora Merino premium yarn. It's cool how the lace panel grows out of the edge of the gusset and across the top of the foot to the toe.
I think they might pill a bit but will be really cozy on my feet. I have the leg knit and just started the heel flap of the second one. 

I'm in the process of preparing to make a presentation about my fibrey passions (knitting, dyeing, spinning and weaving) to my embroidery guild as this month's member profile. Basically I'm trying to locate some of the key items I've knit, dyed, spun or woven. I love sharing my passion with other interested parties. How knows? Maybe my 'missionary work' will encourage someone else from that group to start knitting.

Skip and I saw 'Argo' today. Before I went I knew it dealt with getting the 6 Americans who were hiding out in the Canadian embassy out of Iran but I really had no idea what plot was hatched to do so. Where the heck was I in the Clinton administration when the information was declassified and it became public knowledge? I do remember hearing the name 'Tony Mendez' but no recollection from that time of what he did. I now want to do more investigation about the event and see if any of them wrote books, articles or accounts from their own point of view. It was a very interesting and gripping movie.

It was 12C today - like a balmy fall day. All the snow is gone. I wore a windbreaker when we went into The Big City today to see the movie and didn't take mittens! If only the entire winter was like this, I wouldn't have to seek the sun during the winter. Speaking of my winter holiday, I'm starting to think about what projects I'm going to take.. I'm assembling some small stitchery projects to take but I also want to choose some knitting patterns and yarn to take.

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