Thursday, 14 February 2013

Knitting A Rainbow

I'm really loving knitting the Spectra scarf. I have finally internalized the pattern and can now just knit away. We spent the last two days driving to Valdosta to pick up our car that has new innards ($$$$$+), dropping off the rental car, driving over to Jekyll Island to visit Fred's brother and sister-in-law and spend the night then back down to Sarasota. So I got quite a bit of knitting done.

I have completed 29 out of 86 short-row wedges.
 I really like how the colours transition from one to the other.
2 years ago, I started a lace shawl using the Noro King yarn and quickly learned the lace pattern would be totally lost in the colours so I am knitting right from the piece I had knit. It certainly keeps the yarn from tangling which is what would happen if I were knitting from the ball.
The dark colour is knit with garter stitch and the coloured wedges are stocking stitch. The texture combined with the colour variation makes it so fun to knit.
I think it will look SO smashing when I finish it.
This morning I received a beautiful photo and greeting from my neighour who is looking after our cat while we`re on holidays.
Photo by Susan Ersil-Uranowski
Susan is a skilled photographer who likes to come over and take pictures of our flowers throughout the growing season. These bleeding hearts were among the first of our flowers to bloom last spring.

♥ Happy Valentine`s Day, y'all! ♥

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  1. I love that scarf looks great. So glad you have your incredibly overpriced car back :-)
    Happy Valentine's Day to you too.