Tuesday, 26 February 2013

"Let's Twist Again"

I started "Intertwined Socks" designed by my BFF Mo (Maureen Foulds) a couple of days ago. I had thrown a ball of mystery sock yarn into my suitcase when I was packing for my holiday. The ball band is long gone but I think it was Cherry Tree Hill yarn that I purchased years ago.

I didn't print the pattern out before I left Canada and don't have access to a printer here so I just uploaded the .pdf onto my iPhone and have been using the phone to keep track of where I am on the chart.

Yesterday, I attended a Sit 'n Knit group that meets weekly at the local public library. They were all taken with the beautiful sock I was knitting.
We all loved how Maureen designed the ribbing to grow into the 'cables'.

The pattern calls for a slip stitch heel (sl1, K1) but I prefer the off-set slip stitch heel called 'Eye of Partridge' ( Mo and I sing it to "Eye of the Tiger" - LOL).
The panels of twisted stitches meet on the sides of the socks and additional reverse stocking stitches can be added to custom-size the leg.

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