Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lots o' Colour

Two years ago, I bought some Noro King yarn when I was in Florida. Last year, I kitted it in a Ziploc bag with a couple of skeins of charcoal sock yarn and the Stephen West 'Spectra' scarf.

Last night I hauled out the 'kit', started it and knit 8 short row wedges out of 86.

The two yarns aren`t the same weight but should work well after blocking. I really like the look of the Taiyo yarn in stocking stitch. This picture doesn`t really do it justice.
Today, while I was at WalMart, I noted they had some Lion Brand Amazing yarn which is one of the kinds called for on the Inspira Cowl. I selected a couple of balls each of the Wildflowers and Strawberry Fields colourways.
Whenever the colours of the two yarns were too close, I just pulled more yarn of one until I got a colour with a bigger contrast. This cowl is perfect for yarns with   l o n g   bands of colour. I have the second staggered three-stack of ribbing done and have almost finished each ball. I should have enough yarn to finish it.

Knitting corrugated ribbing (K2 with MC and P2 with CC) is a bit tedious but the colour changes are so neat, I am encouraged to keep on knitting. I got all of this done tonight while Skip and I watched the DVD of 'Django Unchained' (I couldn't really watch the really gory parts).
The yarn is a bit fuzzy and splitty but for a wool/acrylic blend, it's fairly nice to work with. And at $4.97 a ball, it's a good value.

BTW, I bailed on the Simple Cowl with the Mission Falls 1824 Cotton. I'd rather do the cowl in a nice, soft worsted wool - possibly merino, and use the cotton yarn for something else. Also, I only need 2 balls of Mission Falls yarn to complete the cowl, so I'll keep my eyes out for some Mission Falls 1824 Wool yarn or some other solid or tonal worsted weight yarn. I'm not that keen on the bobbles so I might omit them or substitute something else.

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