Monday, 4 February 2013

Trellis and 'Penny' Sock

A while back I test-knit this sock, Trellis and Coin, for my BFF (Best Fibre Friend), Maureen Foulds.
While packing for an extended holiday in the sunny south, I threw in a bunch of UFOs, along with a couple of new projects.

I haven't been doing a lot of knitting on the trip down south but last night while watching "Downton Abbey" (during the power outage in the SuperBowl), I finished the gusset decreases and knit most of the foot.
Another hour or so of knitting and grafting the toe and I'll be done!

Speaking of coins, today is the last day the Canadian penny will be in circulation. Apparently, it costs more to mint the penny than it's worth. Banks will continue to accept them but merchants will be rounding up or down (yeah, right) to the nearest nickel. I used to teach the concept of 'rounding' to my math students. It wasn't always the easiest concept for them to grasp - and mostly we rounded to the nearest multiple of 10. Rounding to the nearest multiple of 5 will be a challenge for many, I suspect. Basically if it's:
  • 0 - 2 cents, round down to 0;
  • 3 - 5 cents, round up to 5
  • 6 -7 cents, round down to 5
  • 8 and 9 cents, round up to 10

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