Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Blogging Break

Skip and I were away last week. We visited friends in Estero near Fort Myers for a couple of days. Then we visited other friends who are vacationing on Sanibel Island.

Last Thursday we returned to Sarasota to attended a Spring Training game between the Orioles and the Blue Jays. The Ed Smith Stadium is only a couple of kilometres from where we are staying. It is a lovely new ball park. The Jays lost 11 - 10.

I turned the heel on the second Intertwined sock. I'm kind of nervous that I might not have enough yarn left to finish it. I am doing my best 'magical thinking' in hopes that there will be enough.
Last night I started this little cross-stitch project. It's a Lizzie Kate Flip-It that I bought a couple of years ago.
I'm also finishing up the hat I knit to match the Inspira Cowl. I'm not sure how I'll finish the crown but an hour of working on it will finish it up.

Skip and I attended a talk yesterday at the public library on the Florida Scrub Jay - a bird endemic to Florida. That is, it is only found here. 
 It is also one of only 15 bird species endemic to North America.  They are endangered as their habitat is swallowed up by developments and their predators (snakes, feral cats, hawks, etc.). We hope to go to one of its usual haunts to catch a glimpse. There are only 1500 families of scrub jays left in Florida. To quote Wikipedia: "Florida Scrub Jays are one of the few  cooperative breeding birds in North America. Fledgling Florida Scrub Jays remain in their parents' habitat for several years and help to rear their young, watch for predators (such as Short-tailed or Accipiter hawks), and defend territory against neighboring Florida Scrub Jay family groups."

It's a rainy day here in paradise today so we're being lazy, watching Papal election updates, catching up on correspondence and blogging. I hope to do some more work on my little cross-stitch project.

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