Saturday, 23 March 2013

Brain Cramp

I've been knitting away on the new pair of Intertwined socks with the Malabrigo in the rich Solis colourway.

'Tis a thing of beauty, if I do say so myself.

I really LOVE the hues of this colourway.
 This pattern works great with solid or tonal yarn.

Yesterday Skip and I were at the big box book store and I saw the Happenstance shawl in "Sock-Yarn Shawls: 15 Knitted Lacy Shawl Patterns" by Jen Lucas.

I remembered I had bought some appropriate yarn a couple of weeks ago so went into my 'craft suitcase' to find it and perhaps start the shawl.

You may recall that I had run out of yarn on my first pair of Intertwined socks and I was in a bit of a quandary. What did I find in the 'craft suitcase' last night? Another bunch of yarn from the stuff I used on the first Intertwined socks! Actually it was most of the leg of a pair of Pomatomus socks I had started and abandoned years ago (pictured below on the top left). Wheeee!!! It never made sense to me why I would run out of yarn on these socks as a pair for me usually only use about 68g of yarn. This explains where the rest of the yarn was.
I guess I cut the abandoned leg off a few weeks ago so I could knit from the ball, continuing to pull the yarn from the centre. And then forgot all about it. D'uh!

So I have once again changed plans and am finishing these socks with the newly found yarn. I spent the early afternoon at the condo pool alternately swimming and sitting in the shade, listening to NPR Fresh Air podcasts and knitting and the toe decreases. Ahhhh. (Insert here  an expression of enormous gratitude for being fortunate enough to be able to spend the worst of the winter in the sunny south ). If I believed in God, I would have been saying 'THANK YOU, GOD' a lot these past couple of months.

I have decided to also finish the Malabrigo Solis socks and will knit Happenstance with the Madelinetosh yarn I bought for my stash. I even have enough to do a larger version of the shawl.

During the spring, summer and early fall I am a golf widow. In the fall and winter, Skip enjoys NFL and NCAA football. Right now is NCAA basketball March Madness and Skip is glued to the HDTV broadcasts we're getting. You will never hear a complaint from me as long as I have a computer, a good Internet connection and a knitting project on the needles. ;-)

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