Friday, 1 March 2013

Intertwined Sock

The first sock is done

and the second is OTN with 2/3 of the leg done.

I had already turned the heel before I realized I had made a mistake in the pattern (I must have skipped a few rows) but unless I had mentioned it I venture to guess most of you would not have noticed. I do mention it, though, not because I like pointing out my failings but I don't want the designer, my BFF Maureen Foulds, to think I think it's perfect.
this cable pattern hugs the foot nicely but keeps it roomy around the width.
The only other modification I made was during the decreases for the toe. After I decreased every other round to 32 sts, I continued decreasing until I had only 12 sts left, then grafted the 6 sole sts with the 6 instep sts.

The second sock is perfect so far.

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