Friday, 15 March 2013


I had to abandon my magical thinking and just accept that there was not enough yarn to complete the second of the Intertwined socks.
 I don't quite know what I'll do. I have a few options:
  • knit to the end of the yarn, unravel the grafted toe of the first sock and knit until they're even and finish the toes in a different yarn
  • frog the feet and heels of both socks to the end of 3 repeats (I did 3.5 repeats on both) on the legs and reknit the heels, feet and toes of both
  • shorten the cuffs of both socks, finish off the top of the shortened cuff and use the reclaimed yarn to finish the toe of the second sock
  • frog both socks and re-knit using other yarn with lots of yardage
If they were just stocking stitch socks, I`d have no qualms about cutting and grafting but they`re replete with twisted stitches on a reverse stocking stitch background and I don`t know how to graft that - yet.

Speaking of grafting, I`ve signed up for a class at the Knitter`s Frolic with Ann Budd on grafting. I`m good with grafting stocking stitch or reverse stocking stitch but she`s going to cover grafting 1 x 1 and 2 x 2 ribbing. Hopefully, after that class I`ll be able to graft any combination of knits and purls.

I started the Bobble Sheep Pillow today. The coloured yarn is the provisional cast on. It was tricky to do without a crochet hook but I improvised.

The 5-stitch bobble stitches (created by K1, yo, K1, yo, K1 into one stitch) are slipped back on the left needle and I did a version of i-cord to finish the bobble. Then to decrease back down to 1 stitch by knitting the first two together, knitting the third stitch, passing the first st over the second, then knitting the last two bobble sts together. Then transfer the two resulting stitches back onto the left needle and pass the second over the first (middle of the original 5 sts). Then I knit the stitch through the back of the stitch and continue on.

It`s kinda tedious but way less annoying than constant turning would have been.

Skip and I have another little car trip coming up so I`m hoping I`ll be able to continue working on the Bobble Sheep Pillow project in the car. BTW, I`m using Lion Brand Fisherman`s Wool for the bobbly sheep part and am hoping one 8 oz. skein will be enough.

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