Friday, 26 April 2013

My Awesome Birthday

This has been a busy week. Last Saturday, I got together with some of my Gamma Phi Beta sorority sisters whom I've known since university. We try to get together a couple of times a year. There's always a flurry of emails about what date will work for all of us, what time to meet and where. This time, we met downtown at the Eaton Centre in The Big City for an extended lunch.

This is what 40 years of friendship looks like.
It's SO nice to just pick up where we left off and spend the afternoon together catching up.

Tuesday was my birthday. I got to spend most of the day with my two favourite peeps, Skip and Scooter. We had a leisurely morning around the house. I made everyone waffles, did my crossword puzzle, Scooter played his videogame and listened to podcasts and Skip puttered around. We then headed to the Chinese buffet restaurant for my free birthday lunch. I don't know why I get such a kick out of saving (Skip) money, but I can't resist their birthday deal. Then we went to a big box book store and and browsed for about an hour. I purchased a couple of magazines with a gift card Scooter had given me for Christmas. We were so full from lunch, we fended for ourselves for a light dinner.

That evening, friends came over to have coffee and dessert. I used my nifty, new 12 cup espresso Moka pot and served treats from our local Dutch bakery plus the cupcakes I had baked for the occasion.

It was a very lovely day.

The next day I met with my monthly tea house knitting group. On the way there, Skip, Scooter and I paid a visit to a local donkey. From the time Scooter started in house league hockey about 15 years ago, we have driven by the donkey's field and have always felt sorry for him as he always seemed so lonely. Although seemingly well cared-for, he didn't have any companions. We have always called him "The Lone Donkey".

At the beginning of this month, Skip and I were driving by and noted a sign beside the fence at "The Lone Donkey's" yard. It said (and I paraphrase), "You are welcome to visit and feed Jingles but please do not use the driveway as some people have been driving on my lawn".

At last! We learned "The Lone Donkey's" name! So when Scooter was with us this week, we decided we needed to pay Jingles a visit and feed him some carrots.

As soon as we neared the fence, Jingles came running over as fast as he could making a grunting sound all the way. He certainly knew what was coming next.
We all took turns feeding Jingles carrots. Scooter was a bit tentative. He didn't want his fingers bitten.
I was next. Jingles also wanted to sample my Spectra scarf but I pulled back just in time.
Then it was Skip's turn.
I'm guessing Jingles is paid many visits like this as he appears to be getting quite chubby. But his coat is nice and soft.
After we'd all had a chance to feed Jingles, we went on our way for our respective lunches (Skip and Scooter headed to a different place for lunch).

It almost looked like Jingles was smiling as he bid us farewell.

It was very cool to officially meet Jingles after all those years of driving by.  We'll be dropping by again.

At the tea house, our reserved tables were ready.
 The 5 of us meet once a month to 'show and share', catch up on our life happenings, talk about knitting and all things fibrey and have a delicious lunch. Cheryl, the proprietor, is not only a gracious host and great cook, she is one of our spinning and knitting buddies!

During our lunch, we Skyped our friend Elizabeth from PEI. She used to join us at the tea house before she moved down east a year and a half ago. It was neat being able to have her at the head of the table, Skyping with my iPhone, with the rest of us there. She even showed us what she had been knitting.

A few minutes later, my cream tea order arrived on a rotating plate that had music box workings. It played 'Happy Birthday' as it turned. I got to blow out the candle. It was lots of fun. Diane had provided the music box plate and Jennifer had tipped Cheryl off that it was my birthday.
It's great when one can prolong the birthday celebrations over a couple of days. I really appreciated all the fuss people made.

I'm shocked at the actual number of my age as I still feel 25 in my head. I'm just so glad to be still alive and kicking and am grateful for all the wonderful people and things in my life.

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  1. I still feel 25 in my head too but am actually twice that age! I can vouch for how great you look in person Geri :-)
    Happy Birthday