Sunday, 26 May 2013

Fine Art

On Friday, my knitterly friend, Jennifer, and I attended the Textile Museum "More than Just a Yardage" sale in the city. It was much better organized this year than last but the yarn tent was still too narrow for optimum browsing. Basically we squeezed through, trading places with people as we went. I bought some handspun yarn, some Baby Ull and 5 skeins of sock yarn for $22.

 The other tent that had the stitching supplies and fabric was much bigger and I was able to pick up a pair of pinking shears, another scroll frame and a Q-snap frame - all for only $15 as well.

We then ventured upstairs where the books and magazines were and I found a couple of cross-stitch magazines, a cross-stitch pattern, 'Country Weekend Knits' and Gwen Steege's 'Knit Hats' - all for only $6. I could have spent the whole day looking at the magazines! For only 25 cents each, I likely would have brought a lot more of them home with me.
It all was a bit awkward to lug around (note to self: take a durable grocery bag with long handles next time) but we managed nicely.

We then headed over to Romni Wools by way of lunch at a shawarma place nearby. When we entered Romni, we were amazed at how organized and open the place was. Jonathon has done a lot to get rid of old stuff (i.e knitted items hanging by the door at the entrance) get everything so neat and tidy - very impressive.

These are some of the Cascade 220 Superwash colour choices.
And the regular Cascade 220 yarn. I wouldn't be surprised if they stocked every available colour.
This is part of the Noro wall.
They also carry a good quantity of Madelinetosh yarns.
This is part of the Rowan section,
and only part of the sock yarn area.
I should also mention there are good deals on their sale yarns in the basement. That area has also been tidied up and organized.

The spinning wheels are now on the main floor to the right as you enter the store. The fibre and cone yarns are still downstairs.

If you've never been to Romni Wools on Queen West in Toronto, I highly recommend you pay them a visit. They certainly would be most likely to have an appropriate yarn for any project you might undertake. Directions: Take the Queen streetcar west and get off at Palmerston. They're two doors west on the north side, #658.

While there, I picked up a bunch of knitting needles donated by Romni Wools for the upcoming World Wide Knit In Public Day at Windreach Farm on Wednesday, June 12. We very much appreciate the generous donation from Romni Wools.

I bought some Rowan Fine Art sock yarn in the Lapwing colourway.

I've already cast on a pair of Escher socks (from 'Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn') and have almost finished the first leg.
It's a very easy 2x2 ribbed pattern with 1x1 cables every 6 rows. The yarn is expensive $29.99 (!) but very luxurious with 45% wool, 20% mohair, 25% polyamide and 10% silk. It was manufactured in South Africa. Rowan yarns are definitely 'high end' yarns because they take great pains to find quality manufacturers, create beautiful designs and marketing strategies. There is also pattern support in "Fine Art Collection" with designs by Martin Storey, Marie Wallin, Gemma Atkinson and Lisa Richardson. I didn't buy it but it is definitely on my wish list.

I have continued to make progress on Spike.
I'm almost done this chart - 1 of 9.

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  1. Wow, Geri! That is some amazing yarn choice!!! And your cross-stitching has my fingers itching. I used to do a lot of x-stitch but have been told by my chiropractor to stop because of the deteriorating disk in my neck. :(