Thursday, 23 May 2013

Magnetic Nail Polish?

My fingernails are rather unsightly if not covered with nail polish. At the moment they're relatively long. Lately, I've been wearing Sally Hansen Magnetic nail colour. What??? Magnetic??
It appears that there are magnetic particles in the nail colour. There's a magnet in the removeable lid. After applying a base coat, apply a coat of the nail polish. Then apply a second coat on one nail and quickly hold the magnetic lid over the nail without actually touching the nail (and marring the nail finish) for about 10 seconds. The magnetic particles are attracted to the magnet hovering over them, creating light areas leaving darker areas. The result is a wavy pattern on the nail. Repeat this process for the rest of your nails. Then apply a clear top coat.

Sephora sells it for about $15 but I found the Sally Hansen nail colour (8 are available) for $9.99 at a discount store and at Marshalls for $5. The one pictured is the red shade but my favourite is the plum shade.

Even without using the magnet, the colour is quite lovely.

In stitcherly news - Spike on Tuesday...
Spike, today.

Tomorrow I'm heading into The Big City for the Textile Museum of Canada's "More than a Yardage" sale. We'll also tour the museum, eat lunch someplace interesting and yummy, and probably hit a yarn shop. I'd like to have a close-up look at the new Rowan sock yarn.

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  1. Very interesting nail polish!

    Sounds like fun tomorrow....hope you like the Rowan sock yarn......I like it!