Saturday, 1 June 2013

And the Winners Are...

Once again, I entered a few knitted items for judging in Homecraft at the Brooklin Spring Fair.

It took me about an hour on Thursday morning to find samples of yarn to attach to the entry cards and get the cards attached to the items.
This was my Adult Cardigan entry. The Cabled Cardigan modified from the Vogue Knitting pattern from the cover of the Fall 2010 edition.
At the last minute, I decided to enter this 'Inspired by Inspira' hat.

I also switched these 'Intertwined' socks for another pair that was made from yarn with a good twist and stitch definition but contained a major knitting error. The lilac-coloured socks were from the Regia Angora Merino sock yarn and the accompanying pattern book. I hoped the lace panel that wound around from the side of the heel gusset across the instep to the toe would  impress the judges.
I entered the Estonian-style Lehe shawl I had knit with DK Smart Superwash yarn in the 'Any Item Not Mentioned - Knit' category. I was quite confident it would win something.
I was also pretty sure my GAAA (Great American Aran Afghan) would also win a prize. It is 20 different squares of loveliness (IMHO - ahem).
I got all the items dropped off at the arena in plenty of time before the judging started.

Yesterday, I dropped by in the late afternoon to see how I fared.

My GAAA didn't have a sticker on the tag. Instead I was beat out by this, a garter stitch, fringed blanket in what looked like some type of acrylic novelty yarn.
In second place was this striped afghan with bands of varying colours and textured of yarn.
And in third place, this 'work sock'-styled blanket.
I then found my first-place sock.
The one I thought should have garnered second prize ( the striped purple one second from the left) didn't even place.The blue second place sock had a nice, lacy pattern but almost twice as wide as mine.
My hat choice was a good one and I won second prize
to this one which may have actually been knit with wool.
My cardigan also won first prize.
And my Lehe lap blanket won First Prize. Yay!!!

This was the rosette-winning crocheted afghan. It was beautifully stitched and appliquéd.
Over in the Seniors section, my heart soared when I saw the red First Prize ribbon attached to my socks.

I didn't agree with the Second Prize. I preferred the colourful Third Prize socks with the picot top.
Out of curiosity, I went to take a look at the cross-stitch entries. This First Prize piece was nicely done and will be exhibited in the craft room of the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Convention in Toronto in February.
This Christmas ornament stitched on 14 count plastic canvas came second.
I'm not sure why it beat out this nicely stitch and finished Christmas stocking.
All three cross-stitched items (I didn't see any others in the class) were stitched on Aida cloth. I never fail to be surprised why competent stitchers don't use evenweave fabric instead. It looks SO much better. Oh well.

This was the quilt that one 'Best in Show'.
All in all, this year's entries did about as well as I expected.  I am pleased with the 4 First Prizes and the one Second Prize. I'm going to finish a few more projects before I begin my plans for next year.


  1. Congrats Geri. I think the judge must be related to the person who made the garter stitch thingy!

  2. Congratulations! You did really well. You were totally robbed in the blanket category though! Maybe they thought you bought the GAAA instead of making it. Meh, such is the quality of judging at the BSF.