Friday, 28 June 2013

Buttertart Tour

Skip and I like to celebrate our wedding anniversary by doing something special. The last couple of years we've gone into The Big City. A couple of weeks ago I read a tourist brochure for Ontario that mentioned a couple of buttertart tours. (For you who don't know what buttertarts are, they are a Canadian dessert specialty).

When I was in Lindsay a couple of weeks ago at my card weaving workshop, I tried to have lunch at the Little Schnitzel House but was turned away because they were full! So I thought it would be fun to make a return visit with Skip and have lunch there and on the way, and while in Lindsay, drop into a couple of bakeries that specialize in buttertarts.

Our 15th wedding anniversary is tomorrow but we don't like doing touristy things on weekends when it is so busy so we went today.

First we dropped into Buttertarts N' More in Little Britain.
It is down the street from the Foodland which has 'The Spudster'  in its parking lot. I assume from the signage that the LCBO (the liquor store) and The Beer Store are also in Foodland.
Inside the bakery, we were gobsmacked at the number of buttertarts available for purchase - plain, with raisins, with pecans, with walnuts, with raisins and pecans, with raisins and walnuts, with coconut, with chocolate chips (my choice) and a few other choices I can't remember.
There was also a cart with enormous danishes with a tray on top with massive coffee cakes topped with icing, walnuts, cherries and raisins.
We made our purchase and proceeded on to Lindsay for lunch.
I had the 'lunch' pork schnitzel with home fries and vegetables. Skip had the Jaeger pork schnitzel with a creamy mushroom sauce. Yum!
 We passed on the tantalizing German desserts and headed out to the Pantry Shelf for more buttertarts.
We ordered plain ones which weren't too runny. I like them that way. Don't let the fork fool you, a buttertart is not a piece of pie, it is to be eaten with the fingers.
When I got home, I warmed one of the chocolate chip buttertarts in the microwave. It was runnier than I usually like but SO delicious! I was compelled to lick the plate! Which is OK because I was in my own kitchen, after all.

We have some more fun planned for our anniversary tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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