Saturday, 22 June 2013

Escher Socks

I finished Laura Miser's Escher socks from the book, "Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn". The Rowan Fine Art sock yarn was a pleasure to work with but at $30 per 100g ball, it won't be on my regular sock yarn purchase list. However it would make a great gift (hint, hint) for any occasion.
I continue to work on Spike and have almost completed the top half.
Part of the stitching involves using Wisper, a mohair blend yarn with one strand of the DMC floss. It makes for a slightly thicker yarn so only half cross-stitches are required - see the white part below. The half crosses go to the right / while the full crosses' top stitch go to the left \.
Today we got to see one of Scooter's 5K races which took place only a few kilometres away from our home. The starter told the fast runners to move to the front and the slow runners to move to the back so Scooter was right up front. He's in the white shirt and green shoes front and centre.
He figured he'd do well because it's not a very well-publicized race.

Sure enough he was the first to appear from around the final turn to the finish line. No other runners were in sight!!!

I was fortunate to get this shot just as he was about to cross the finish line. His official time will be about 17:28. Way to go, Scooter!
Proud Papa posed with Scooter The Swift.

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