Saturday, 1 June 2013

Mennonite Relief Sale

Last weekend, Skip, David, Susan and I attended the Mennonite Relief Sale in New Hamburg. We had a comfortable drive in a Durango (rented while D & S's car was in the shop for repair) which allowed me to start and knit about 4 inches on an Escher sock using my new Rowan Fine Art yarn.

Throughout the day, quilts that have been donated are auctioned to raise money for the Mennonite Relief program which are forwarded to the Mennonite Central Committee for its relief, development, and justice and peacebuilding work locally and internationally. There were over 180 on the auction block that day.

When we first walked in the arena where the auction was taking place, we saw the quilts hanging on overhead poles. Most were covered in clear, protective plastic while others had been uncovered and were waiting to be taken to the auction queue table.
They were all sizes from small wall and crib quilts to very large ones. This bed quilt, Galaxia, was 113" x 113" - sized for a king bed.
I believe this was called 'Colour Wheel'.
'Black & White & Teal All Over' had been donated by a Winnipeg group and sold for $2085.
'Fall Circle' was only 30" x 30" but sold for $600. 
This 90" x 100" bed quilt, 'Chrysalis' was sold for $550.
This delicate four-patch was crib quilt-sized and sold for $395.
A 9 year-old created this 'I Spy' crib quilt from flannelette fabric.  It sold for $350. I'm sure she was thrilled.
This stunning quilt was called 'It Takes A Village', and measured 67" x75". It was sold for $2000.

This bed quilt was cross-stitched with various shades of pink and hand quilted. 
 This wall quilt looked almost 3-D with the appliquéd telephones.
The feature quilt designed, assembled, and quilted by Judy Pearce of Kitchener. It is based on a 2010 photograph of the 'Rose Garden' quilt being readied for auction. This quilt is appliquéd, mostly by hand. It is machine quilted, thread painted and enhanced with small bits of pencil crayon and fabric paint. Many of the fabrics were hand-dyed to create the appearance of shadows. It sold for $10,000.
Detail of one of the faces.
Aside from the auction, there was a plant sale and many food tents. We then went to Anna Mae's in Millbank for snacks before our drive back home.

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