Monday, 3 June 2013

My Winnings

I picked up my items from the Brooklin Fair last night. When I opened the envelope, I had won $35! Woo hoo!
One of the women ahead of me in the pick-up line had a stack of cards. I'm guessing she had about 40 - 50 entries. I wonder if she won a bunch of money.

I continue to work away on Spike. I have worked on 3 charts and I started his beak last night.
I alternate between doing large swatches of one colour and filling in the odd stitches in the multi-coloured areas. It is holding my interest, but it has taken time away from my knitting.

I did finish the first Escher sock. I'll cast on the second one tonight or tomorrow.
I really like the feel of the Rowan Fine Art sock yarn. I sure hope it holds up to normal wear. I definitely will be hand-washing these.

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