Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hardanger Ornament

I had a lovely afternoon out on the deck. I finished stitching an ornament I started months ago.
The Kloster blocks were previously completed. Last night during the final episodes of the third season of "West Wing" DVDs, I finished the buttonhole stitch around the edge.

Next is the cross-stitching.
Then the Christmas 'trees'.

Then it was time to cut the threads. It is clearly marked on the pattern. Always check that you're cutting perpendicular to the Kloster block threads. Very sharp and pointy scissors are required so only 4 threads are cut.
.Then the cut threads are pulled out leaving sets of 4 threads
Next, the woven bars are stitched.
Then, in the centre, are the branched spoke stitches. I had to 'google' that because the accompanying diagram on the pattern wasn't clear. I think I did pretty well for my first time doing that stitch.

Finally, I added the beads using one red thread and cross-stitches. Ta-da!
I have a couple of ideas for finishing it.

This pattern is a Nordic Needle design from a back issue (200?) of the 'Just Cross Stitch' Christmas ornament edition.

If you've never tried Hardanger stitching, it is certainly worth a try. There are lots of tutorials online and if you look back in any stitching books or magazines, you'll find lots of patterns that you've always dismissed before, thinking that cutting into your fabric is just too scary. Go for it!

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  1. Impressive! Tiny scissors were needed indeed!