Thursday, 15 August 2013

Palate Cleansing

I'm between major knitting projects and have been doing some fun, easy knitting. I was inspired by the YarnHarlot when she blogged about knitting some facecloths using the Bee Stitch.

I did the first one with part of a ball of Cottontots cotton yarn that I had on hand.
It kinda looks like moss stitch but is WAY less annoying to knit.

Then I got my hands on some linen/cotton blend yarn and knit a couple of facecloths casting on 41 stitches. It was very mindless knitting with the K1, k1 below the next stitch row alternating with a plain knit row.

They can be Christmas gifts for only the most knitworthy of my friends or family.  The nubbly stitch makes for a great exfoliating scrubber and the linen will soften yet maintain strength in the fibre.

 I also tried a new short-row petal pattern with some Spinrite Peaches and Creme Stripes yarn.

I did a couple of extra slices so it would like flat.

I also knit another double knit hot pad for the table on the deck.
I'm going on another wonderful knitting adventure in Ireland in November. I'm trying to determine what projects I'll take to pass time on the transAtlantic flight and whilst on the bus from place to place.

The latest Twist Collective has come out and I've faved several project on Ravelry. I've got to pick a couple of small projects like sock, mittens or a shawl.

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  1. Love the Petals washcloth.
    Your trip looks fabulous...I cant wait until I can take a trip again ...its been a few years since I have been out of this country :-(