Saturday, 17 August 2013

Ready to Steek

Today I reinforced the stitches on either side of where I am going to cut my steek.

I used a crochet hook to run the stitches on either side of the center stitch of the 5-stitch steek.

Here you can see where I will cut between the two lines of waste yarn.

For now Rams and Yowes is a big tube but soon it will be a flat piece. I am looking forward to getting the steek cut so I can pick up all the stitches around the edge and start the garter stitch border.
I will be meeting with my monthly knitting group in a week and a half and will cut the steek then with a captive audience.

The many yarn ends near the steek will get hidden between the two layers of the garter stitch border.  I shouldn't have to weave any in if I do it right.
I also started a new sock pattern designed by my friend, Maureen Foulds, who is also quite the prolific knitting designer. Her Pavillion Socks pattern is perfect for the multi-coloured Fleece Artist Kidazzle yarn I've had in my stash since Cat Bordhi recommended it at her workshop I attended at KnitEast 2012. Kidazzle consists of 70% merino, 20% kid mohair, and 10% nylon.
Although it's not marked on the label, I believe the colourway is called Stone.
I am enjoying just knitting and purling without doing any fancy stitches. The chart is easy to follow. I'm going the smallest (54 stitch) size. I like the striping and don't feel it is taking anything away from the diagonal pattern.

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  1. When you cut into your knitting, your stop breathing and's done...big breath..... It looks lovely......